Being Careful with the Word of God (Tradition vs. God’s Word) (Mark 7:1-13)

July 22nd, 2021

This Word of Truth is about our care in the handling of the Word of God. We must make sure we are getting it right. We must make sure we are not elevating the teaching or the tradition of men over God's Word. Jesus speaks very strongly against putting traditional teaching on a pedestal higher than God's Word. It is extremely important that we interpret Scripture carefully and correctly. We must compare Scripture with Scripture. It is a terribly sinful thing to teach and preach tradition that is in conflict with the Word of God. We must study out and own doctrine and own standards and own convictions for ourselves, and not just because it has always been taught that way. We need to make sure we are being Biblical, and not traditional in our thinking and in our application of Scripture. 

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